Our Vision

We aim to bring not only the blockchainers, but the rest of the world into the real blockchain service market by providing trustworthy and enjoyable service platform, by:

  • Building user-experience focused service market where both users and dApps can benefit.
  • Integrating different major token networks into one platform as a service.
  • Building stable and trustable market to prevent fraud, scams, and etc.
  • And finally, building a platform that can provide one-click easy access to non-blockchain public, All these to take blockchain to the mainstream!

We continue to make efforts in creating REAL tangible values in the market. With our innovation, we will contribute in shortening the time for the mass adoption of blockchain to come.


Louie Hwang

When the blockchain era came, I observed that there was a great need in the industry for a marketplace that offers an actual service to the people.

So, we launched the dAppstore project to help users who:

  • Don’t want to study ridiculously long hours to understand how to use blockchain.
  • Don’t want to install multiple different plug-ins and go through all that hassle just to see how blockchain applications actually run.
  • And also, because the great dApps are made and no one knows that they even exist.

Many pioneers in the industry are already making good changes in various ways. With Osiris, we continue to innovate to achieve our ultimate vision.